Trimmers - Geemy Hair And Beard Trimmer GM 1017

  • Rs 2,950.00
    Unit price per 
  • Save Rs 2,650

  • High performance engine
  • Increased stability
  • Ultra silent
  • Adjustable to 4 haircut sizes
  • Protective cover
  • On / off button
  • Safe and reliable
  • The Gemei hair clipper offers top performance, stability and safety.It has an efficient power supply system for wired use.The power cord provides constant power.With the help of the adjustment lever you will get the perfect length of hair every time.The handle is conveniently positioned next to the index finger for increased clipping control.The hair clipper is special due to its portability, it confers during use.This hair clipper is a professional one, perfect for your salon.The device comes with accessories that will make your work much easier and the resulting haircut will be as professional as possible.It has a large rechargeable battery that allows you to use the device for a long time without having to charge it.Do you want to make professional hairstyles like in magazines?This device is the ideal device for you!Thanks to the extremely resistant and precise blades, you can use the hair clipper without the risk of injury and without irritating the skin.

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